Customer success

PerfectView contributes to more openness and structure

Sonja Van Der Molen

The single most important advantage of PerfectView CRM Online is: we have made business comprehensible. The black box is gone and people can now be managed. We can think together about how to approach prospects and convince them.

It is also a lot easier to plan things so that you don’t constantly have the feeling that something is overlooked. In our case, PerfectView contributes to more openness and structure.

CRM is essential

Helma Lensen-Aertssen

Because I personally work in Excel a lot, I was already able to import information and contact details this way. This saves a lot of time. I will be able to work a lot more efficiently later. When you start out with your own business, it is important to make several decisions. For example, which software do you really need? Sometimes something may seem unnecessary at first, such as a CRM system, but later turn out to be essential. Not only for making contact details comprehensible, but also to plan work, send newsletters, and keep an accounting record and make reports.

Optimal understanding

Nicolette van Dorp

PerfectView provides us a ‘Virtual agency’ with an optimum understanding in what we are working on. All possible sales tools are now comprehensible so that sales is now much more effective!

Diversity in functionality and connections at an affordable rate

Sander Jongsma

After comparing several CRM packages, we selected PerfectView. This partially has to do with the following: personal and good contact from the very first moment, diversity of functionalities and connections (all-in-one package) at an affordable rate. We were looking for a package that corresponds perfectly with our existing and future software. PerfectView synchronises data automatically from the accounting package, website and our own software product (via API). Because of this our data is always and everywhere up-to-date. Because of the combination of these packages an efficient digital administration is easily feasible.

Thanks to PerfectView we can work more efficiently

Mirjan Heijnen

By using PerfectView, we now have a clear insight into our customers and our prospects. Data, reports, and tasks, are all kept in one place. This way, customer information is easy to retrieve and because it is an online system, we can do this wherever and whenever we want. Thus, making it possible to work quickly and well-organised! Our employees can now in the blink of an eye check the data of a customer/prospect and see what the characteristics of the various (potential) customers are. This way, we can work more efficiently.

Structure in work activities of our sales department

Sjef Matthijssen

Because PerfectView is custom designed for us, there is now structure in the work methods of our sales department. Because of this, more work can be done within the hours we have available daily. In other words, we are now able to generate more turnover at the same cost. By generating customised representations, we can now generate relevant information about our customers and prospects, but also about the various stages of the sales trajectory. Problems that have been solved: 1. Before the PerfectView era, management info was available only with a limited understanding of the results of the sales trajectory, so that we could hardly take any specific managerial steps. 2. Relatively many people necessary at our internal sales department.

PerfectView: quick and efficient

Ronald Broekhuijzen

The products and services of Necto Systems stand for fast, efficient and reliable. Just like in our business, we also expect from our back-office system speed and efficiency. PerfectView does this for us perfectly. The system has been set up intuitively and can be contacted by us no matter where in the world we are, and it makes it possible for us to react to customer demands 24/7. The basic design was done very quickly and in the near future we will be looking more closely at all the possibilities, but for now we are very pleased with how PerfectView works.

Everything in 1 place, accessible to all

Ewout Terpstra

The most important advantage of PerfectView CRM, is that everything is accessible in 1 place and for everyone. We are a young company and at the moment we are extremely busy with customer acquisition and prospects. We do this in different ways. It is essential that everything we learn about prospects is stored in one central place. With PerfectView CRM Online we succeed this easily. What you often see with young businesses, is that early on they often work with ‘separate’ systems. As soon as the organisation starts growing it becomes a ‘problem’ to put this in a (CRM) system because it takes up so much time. We deliberately have opted to start from scratch with a professional CRM system. With PerfectView CRM Online we may prevent possible problems in the future.

All customer information at the ready!

Renate Manders

As a marketing coach for SMEs, I have a great variety of customers. I want to be able to access my customer information as quickly as possible when I get a call from a customer. I can now immediately see what has been discussed, even when it is a long time ago. During a telephone call I can always rely on that. Because it is an online system, it is accessible everywhere should this be necessary. PerfectView has a great CRM system in which all my contacts and points of action are readily available. It is very affordable for a small entrepreneur.

Always knowledge of company and personal details

Danielle Spanjers – De Jong

It is essential for us to have a reliable and central database, in which we can easily and neatly store the data of companies and people. This way, we can react much faster to customer demand. Furthermore, the contact with PerfectView was fantastic from the very first moment and any questions we had were dealt with quickly and properly. A nice bonus are the attractive rates.

The price-quality ration is extremely perfectly in order

Brigitte de Groot

For us, it was clear early on that we needed a reliable database that was always available. PerfectView makes it possible for us to add structure to our customer contacts and forces us to work in a structured manner. This makes it possible for us to focus on our sales process. The price-quality ration is perfect with PerfectView. It was a big plus that PerfectView would be able to grow with us! Finally, the service. A huge thumbs-up! From the very beginning they guided us through the process step-by-step. By adjusting the settings exactly how we like to, this really feels like a custom-made job!

Affordable and a good service

Sandy Roozen

The most important advantages for PerfectView CRM Online for us are: work at different locations but with just one database, the app, the affordability and the good service. Furthermore, PerfectView is also the solution for: all data in one place and an overview all commercial to-do’s.

Have all customer details ready everywhere

M. (Thijs) van Daalen

I could mention two important advantages of PerfectView CRM Online: work has become more distributed and a simple appearance towards the customer. The problem that PerfectView solves perfectly for our company, is the fact that we work with several people on different locations and still have all customer information available everywhere.

The price-quality ration: very positive

Edwin Kemna

The most important advantages of PerfectView are: all information of (potential) customers within reach; on the computer and on your mobile. For all important customers there is always a future activity open so to stay in touch with this customer. Working together in 1 file; no complicated Excel sheets with colleagues. The link with the diary also works fine; on the day of the appointment everything is within reach. Also important is the price-quality ratio: very favourable. Good and pleasant service by PerfectView; fast and capable reaction can be requested.

Well-organised and user-friendly CRM system

Amanda Christianen

PerfectView has offered us an overview, structure and something to hold onto, in our contact with candidates, suppliers and other partners. It provides an overview of the contact that has been, the current situation, and whether there are any subsequent actions that need looking into. This way, we will not lose track of any important contacts and/or actions! Furthermore, PerfectView is also very user-friendly: no difficult stuff, but simply click and easily to organise according to your own wishes and structures.

Giving direction simply and efficiently to commercial trajectories

Sander Hummeling

PerfectView makes it possible for us as a business, to provide direction to commercial trajectories in a simple and efficient manner. Because we can appoint each stage separately, PerfectView is of great additional value. And because we work internationally and have various sales managers and account managers working for us in various places in the world, it makes that we are in control of the different suspects, prospects and customers, including the status of a trajectory.

This is partly supported by the app that PerfectView has and which makes it possible for us as an organisation to document matters quickly and efficiently. We all know who is working on what and this way we create calmness because we can take over tasks from each other in case of unforeseen circumstances. For an internationally operating company such as IMS Innovations, it is always a risk when matters are not properly documented. Because we give guidance from the Netherlands, we need a system that can provide international support, and that is what PerfectView does.

Easily accessible but with complete CRM system

Bart Meuffels

For us, the advantages are huge. From the merger of two existing companies on 1 January 2016, we were already looking for an easily accessible but complete system. Initially, to combine the existing, separate networks, data, information, etc. Therefore, the system had to be very user-friendly and to be able to use online. PerfectView offers this with low start-up costs and it is also able to organise the entire system to the wishes of our organisation. Because of this, we can first combine all information of customers, relations and partners, and later start using the other functionalities.

Great CRM system and a very pleasant customer service department

Bianca Fokken

The most important advantages of PerfectView for us are that we record everything and the fact that this is now transparent and documented. You will also set up a database this way. A proper CRM system such as PerfectView also takes care of reports and selections, if you fill it in correctly and keep it updated yourself. We have worked with this system for 3 months now and experience the customer service (free of charge) to be very pleasant when you have questions or when things are unclear. Especially in the beginning, you will often have questions and they are happy to answer them for you. So far, we are very satisfied.

User-friendly system, perfect for SMEs

Ralph Hoevenaars

The biggest advantages of PerfectView for our organisation include:

  • Understanding of sales figures per product and product group
    • Dashboard for management
    • Customer contact registration
    • Digital order records
    • Report for: complaints, orders, enquiries, etc.

In short, as a manager PerfectView will provide you with all crucial information for efficient business operations. Objectives can be made measurable so that management is able to move in this direction effectively. PerfectView makes sure that we can install a digital archive without having to make huge investments. It is a very user-friendly system that is extremely suitable as a CRM solution for SMEs. We can provide our customers with information and order records anytime.

Perfect for planning, project management, drawing up tenders

Anne-Marie Albers

PerfectView supports us at all the important levels. We regularly work project-based, which involves many people at the same time. PerfectView helps us with the planning of projects, time management and drawing up tenders. Both the app and the website are easy in use. It also provides insight into the to-do list of others, the progress of a project, and important management information. It is very practical that you can add remarks and attachments. This way, the progress of a task can be followed, and the work of a colleague can be easily taken over.

In all fairness – not only I but also my colleagues will recommend PerfectView to anyone!

My assistant is a little ray of sunlight thanks to PerfectView!

Jacqueline Detiger

We have switched to PerfectView because a colleague recommended it and we are extremely satisfied. We were looking for a programme easy to work with and think this is very user-friendly. The helpdesk is also very cooperative in thinking along and coming up with solutions. Because we work in the cloud now, more colleagues can log on (also from home). It is a programme that is easy to work with and even new colleagues can master it quickly.