Email Integration

Always make the right decisions

PerfectView CRM Online links with Outlook & Gmail to archive incoming and outgoing emails.


OutlookEmails which are sent or received via Microsoft Outlook can be archived in PerfectView with one click. This way allows you to realise a complete overview of all contacts for all the users in the CRM system. Important information will never get lost, and you can always make the right decisions.

The archive option requires an add-in that is included in PerfectView for free and which also enables you to adjust the settings according to your preferences. Do you want to close an email right away or not, do you want to check if it was stored in PerfectView before, and/or delete when it has been successfully added in PerfectView? Everything is possible, and more!

Other email systems (including Gmail)

GmailFor other email systems (such as Gmail) PerfectView has: Mail-in archiving. This makes it possible to archive email messages which were sent or received from another email programme than Outlook with the right contact in PerfectView. The email will be visible under the contact on the activities tab.

Based on the email address of the sender or recipient, the system will check if the contact is known in PerfectView. If this is the case, the email will be archived with this contact. If the contact is unknown, PerfectView creates the email activity and add it to the ‘To do’ list, so that it can be linked to the right contact later on.

For this, you can activate and adjust the personal settings in PerfectView ‘Mail-in archiving’.