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In over 30 years, we have gained a leading position as a manufacturer and supplier of CRM software. We started with a relationship management application which ran on the DOS operating system. The software later also became suitable for Windows. Now we have been supplying cloud-based PerfectView to thousands of customers and users for 8 years, including mobile

Apps for Android and iOS. From our office in the Netherlands, we always incorporate the experiences of our users in our products and services. Every single day, and better every day.

When the use of PerfectView offers a sustainable contribution to the success of our customers, we have achieved our goal. That is what drives us, that is our passion.

Below you can read more about our principles that form the foundation for our products and services: our DNA.

Excellent support

The success of CRM can only be guaranteed when it is used throughout the entire organisation. That is why we want to help every user to get started and to keep going without being hindered by paid or limited support contracts. We take our time for every user. Because the success of our customers is our also success.


The IKEA model

We think it is important that you are not obliged to make use of our services. When developing our software, this is always the starting point. That is why you can test, implement, and manage PerfectView software yourself. Needless to say that we will be happy to help you if you do need assistance. For example, for an import, or training. We call the combination of these aspects the ‘IKEA model’. This enables us to keep the investment and the costs of using PerfectView at a minimum.


The New way of Working

The New Way of Working changes the way in which we work structurally and drastically. The New Way of Working is to work smarter and more efficiently, to work independently from time and place by using the Internet. All of our services and products are tested to assess whether they contribute to The New Way of Working. This is how we want to work at PerfectView ourselves, and which we do.


Transparent and low price

We believe in one transparent, low price per user. We specifically choose not to work with a price model with rising prices for various functionalities or modules. This is because we think that it is not possible for organisations to know whether or not they need to switch to more expensive editions later on and, therefore, having to deal with unwanted surprises.


Independent organisation

The British market is swamped with dealers of CRM producers. PerfectView is an independent European organisation with an English-speaking helpdesk. You can hold us accountable directly with regard to our actions and achievements. We are governed by European privacy law.


Cloud computing

With Cloud computing, you approach CRM via the Internet and you pay a fixed (low) fee per user per year. PerfectView ensures the correct installation, the necessary maintenance, and regular management. This way you avoid purchasing expensive licenses and additional high implementation costs. Everyone with a computer, Internet connection and basic knowledge of the programme/Windows can start working right away and achieve results. PerfectView focuses entirely on the development of cloud-based computing software giving users the scope to focus on the application of the software.