PerfectView is the best choice (i.a. thanks to the customer-friendliness rating with a 9 and a recommendation rate of over 90%), when it comes to data protection and security. With PerfectView you can be sure that you are dealing with:

A stable enterprise since 1984

PerfectView has been active since ’84. The 34 years old organisation is located in ’s-Hertogenbosch and registered in the Netherlands (and subsequently governed by European law). We are an independent and profitable organisation with over 5,000 customers! This guarantees continuity.


Coded and secured data

The PerfectView SSL certificate offers a guarantee for customers that all data is sent via the browser by means of an HTTPS connection, ensuring that such information is coded and secured. SSL is also used for online transactions with credit cards.


Data stored in Europe

Data protection is of vital importance. This is why the data is stored in England, by a highly specialised organisation in this area: Claranet (established in 1996, with a revenue of €360 million, with more than 6,500 corporate customers, and 1,800+ employees).


ISO certification

During the ISO application process, PerfectView has proved to meet the international standards with regard to data security. In January 2018, our ISO-27001 certification was extended. In addition, our data partner Claranet meets the requirements for the Information Security Management System standard: ISO/IEC 27001:2013.


Always accessible software

Thanks to the selected server and network structure (own CRM cloud) PerfectView is and will always be accessible.

Annual pen test

All PerfectView software is annually tested on vulnerabilities by the independent and accredited Northwave which carries out a penetration test (or ‘pen test’). The conclusion has always been that PerfectView is adequately secured to resist digital attacks; we have a cover letter to prove this.


Extensive measures

PerfectView has taken extensive measures to cover what is done in case of a data leak and to prevent data leaks from happening. These measures include a policy document concerning the statutory obligation to report data data leaks, a data processing agreement, and a privacy statement. In addition, a number of other practical matters have been arranged for.


Strict password policy

Only the user knows his or her username and password. Users can adjust passwords themselves, and PerfectView will never ask for confidential information via email or by phone. When a user has forgotten the password, he or she can personally request a new password (provided that he or she enters the email address that is linked to the username and has access to the respective mailbox).


IP security to be adjusted by administrators

In the application settings, administrators can enter IP addresses from where users are authorised to log in. This way, customers themselves can contribute to an even higher level of security.


Reliable data partner: Claranet

PerfectView manages its data in collaboration with Claranet. This partner acts entirely in accordance with the EU regulations for data protection. Automatic backups are made of all data, which are saved multiple times.