Welcome Visma eAccounting

Last night we improved PerfectView CRM Online for you. In addition to a number of minor bug fixes, we have added an accounting link. Curious about the new functionalities? You can read more about it in this blog.

What can you expect from this PerfectView update?

We added an accounting partner to our portfolio: eAccounting. Do you use eAccounting? Then working in CRM Online becomes a lot easier.

Visma eAccounting is bookkeeping for entrepreneurs, online accounting and invoicing for € 15 per month. Access your numbers everywhere, integrated with your bank and also available via a handy app for the road.

With Visma eAccounting all data is stored securely and grows with you if your company needs more. More than 125,000 companies in Europe enjoy Visma eAccounting every day.

When you work with eAccounting, the following functionalities are available for you:

  • Booked invoices with the status “paid” in Visma e-Accounting are also registered as “paid” in PerfectView CRM Online
  • Relations in PerfectView CRM Online become relations in Visma e-Accounting thanks to this link
  • If you start with PerfectView and want to have access to your relations from Visma e-Accounting, the link also supports that
  • If you change a relation in 1 system, the link automatically changes the same relation in the other system as well
  • Sent quotations from PerfectView can be converted to an invoice after approval. You can then include this as a post in Visma e-Accounting
  • Individual invoices that are created from PerfectView can be included in Visma e-Accounting via the link
  • Is the invoice processed as paid in Visma e-Accounting? Then it will also be marked as paid in PerfectView

Activate the link

You activate the link via the eAccounting logo on the right-hand side of your screen in PerfectView CRM Online. If you have any questions, we will gladly help you. In that case, contact us.