Want your invoices paid faster?

E-invoicing is a new convenient tool in PerfectView CRM for sending and receiving digital invoices. The E-invoicing-tool could be linked for free when you are a PerfectView customer. This article describes the benefits with the new E-invoicing tool in CRM. Furthermore we will explain how you can easily activate the e-invoicing functions.

Quality e-mail invoices

The e-invoicing tool provides an easy and secure email traffic because:

  • The billing process is automated;
  • You save time immediately;
  • You do not need any technical knowledge to use the tool;
  • No more “fraude invoices”, receive only checked emails.

Send invoices to government and B2B

From January 1, 2017, the government has obliged to only send and receive digital invoices via the PEPPOL e-invoicing network. Therefore, government no longer accepts other invoices and more and more European companies are switching to e-invoicing.

“We have not received the invoice yet!”

Does your customer not pay? From now on you can easily check in your CRM whether your customer received your invoice. CRM provides you the exact time and whether the customer clicked through.

What are your benefits with the e-invoicing link?

  1. The e-invoicing functions provide you exact information, when the invoice was received and whether it is clicked through. You also see when the invoice is paid.
  2. Experience the ease of automatic invoice handling. Firstly, matching payment and invoice is done automatically. Moreover, invoice processing in CRM accounting is also automatic, which means that you no longer have to enter anything manually.
  3. Only invoices are received in CRM from companies registered under national company information. The Chamber of Commerce / VAT check is done automatically. From now on you will no longer receive fraude invoices.

How to activate the E-invoicing link

To activate the link is free in PerfectView CRM Online. Go to the menu “Connectors”. Then click on “E-invoicing” to start. If you cannot find it, we will help you. In that case, contact us.