Generate e-invoices, import lines and labels in PerfectView

In this blog you will find more information about the latest update of PerfectView CRM Online. Four new functionalities have been added to the CRM system.

  • Generate e-invoices in PerfectView based on UBL
  • Add extensive financial data on the organization chart
  • Import product lines into PerfectView
  • Import activity labels into PerfectView

Great new functionalities that perfectly match previous updates.

UBL Invoicing

UBL stands for: Universal Business Language. UBL is a standard for electronic business operations, for example for the preparation of invoices or order forms. UBL uses XML. This displays structured data in the form of plain text. Both the Dutch and Belgian government have chosen UBL 2.0 as the standard XML format for e-invoicing.

Obligation to receive and process e-Invoices

The Central Government requires decentralized authorities and all other organizations that are subject to procurement procedures to be able to receive and process e-invoices as of April 18, 2019 in the Procurement Act. Thanks to this new functionality, organizations that are required to be tendered (who work with PerfectView) meet these requirements.

Financial details

Under the “Financial” tab on the organization card you will find extra fields to add a contact person, department and financial e-mail address.

Import rules

From today, productlines can be directly imported into PerfectView. Before an import, download an example file. It specifies exactly which fields can be linked during the import.

A line import cannot be undone. At the end of your import, you can see in the log how many lines have been created or updated.

Import labels

In addition to importing product lines, there is also the option to import activity labels into PerfectView. If you have worked with importing features before, this functionality will seem familiar to you.

A label import cannot be undone. At the end of your import you will see in the log how many labels have been created or updated.