Update PerfectView April 2018

We have great news! As of Friday the 20th of April we have enhanched the options of the activities view. You can now (among other things) start a campaign right from these views.

This has some true advantages and offers you many chances. Our users have noted this to be a missing feature in PerfectView. Listening to the needs of our users and developing the PerfectView application accordingly is our passion.

What does the April Update entail?

Until now your options for starting a campaign were limited to a selection of your relations in PerfectView. You could then send a mailing (by mail or e-mail), create a call list or make an export. Of course you still have these options. But now it is also possible to make selections based on a view with activities.

Use the standard view functionality for this. By turning the ‘use in campaign’ checkbox on the view, it can be used in a campaign.

What are the new options with a campaign based on an activities view?

The first three options are familiar. From this month on, a campaign also offers you the following options:

Extra options

Adjust the follow-up of activities
(based on the relations of the activities in the view)

This is a very useful feature. Consider, for example, adjusting the follow-up date of the selected activities. You can also assign the activities to another employee or a queue.

Add labels to the activities

It is also possible to add one or more labels to the activities in the view. For example, you can add a label to a project activity that shows the value of the project. It is then possible to make new selections based on this label.

Send e-mails with personalized attachment

You could already send an e-mail from PerfectView. This functionality has now been expanded. From the activities view you have the possibility to add a merge template as an attachment. If you send an e-mail to this selection, every recipient will receive a personalized document (in pdf.)

Extra functionality

Invoicing in bulk
(from a view with sales invoices)

Easily generate bulk invoices. For example, if you want to invoice a monthly membership subscription. By using periodically repeated campaigns, the invoices are automatically generated. Your sales invoice concept is given the status ‘invoiced’ and the activity may be moved to the ‘invoiced’ queue.

This functionality is available for everyone who uses sales lines. We are happy to advise you about this option. Contact us for advice.