update january 2018

As announced in our final newsletter of December 2017 all updates of the PerfectView CRM Online application will as of this year be published on our website. An update will be made known to you in various ways; through our PerfectView Facebook page and within the application itself. We will get back to you on the exact location of the update information within the application as you continue reading. Would you like a head’s up on new features as quickly as possible? Follow us on Facebook.

What you may expect from us this January

In this first 2018 update the application will change on two points. Both completely new features.

  • Labels
  • News feed


The most important advantage of this new feature is the possibility to categorise. For every activity within PerfectView CRM Online it is now possible to add a self-chosen label or tag if you will. For example you can tag tasks, notes, complaints or attachments. The options are endless. This offers you as a user an ideal way to search within important documents and activities.

Our developers and consultants have been testing the new label feature for the past week. We quickly reached a number of conclusions. According to consultant Ingrid Peters; “think about the label structure you want to use with your team and make sure the choices you make are known to the whole organisation”.

It’s rather similar to implementing CRM. Find out who actively uses CRM in your organisation and which labels they would prefer to have. Have a coffee and brainstorm on the various options. That way you will make sure labels don’t just start popping-up from everywhere.

How to use a label?

News feed

Every time you log in to your PerfectView CRM Online account you will see our news feed on the right side of your screen. In this news feed we will share important information. For example tips about ongoing cyber-attacks, and (as mentioned before) news about PerfectView application updates. This way you as a user will always be fully informed.

Organisations are free to use the news feed for their own benefit.

Is there something important you would like to share with your teammates? Every PerfectView CRM Online Administrator can add news items to the feed. This news will be shown together with our PerfectView news items. By actively sharing news about the success of CRM in your organisation it will create a buzz. And that can only increase the success of CRM right?

Look at the above example to see how labels can be added to your PerfectView activities. You simply select Action > Manage labels.

You can also create views by filtering on one or multiple labels. Ideal to select all offers labelled “signed”. Or all support cases labelled “malfunction” + “telephone service”.