Import product and price changes in PerfectView

PerfectView CRM Online was updated last night. We have added a new functionality. From today you can easily update product and price changes through an import.

Products import

You can directly process product or price changes through an import in PerfectView. To prevent products being imported that already exist in CRM, you add a unique product code to each product. If the code is not unique, the system creates a notification of this. Product codes can also be generated by PerfectView.

A product import cannot be undone. To prevent errors from occurring, a possibility has been added to export your current product list to Excel prior to import. In this way you can always go back to the original situation. An additional advantage is that you can change all products in Excel and then re-import them.

At the end of your import, you will see in the logbook how many products (and groups) have been created or updated.


If you have any questions regarding this functionality, please contact our support desk. They will be happy to help.