Easily export all your data from CRM Online

This week we will add another new feature to CRM Online. You can now make an export of your complete database. Why would you want to export the data you store in CRM Online? After all, everything is protected in the cloud. Moreover, PerfectView makes a daily backup. In other words, everything is taken care of.

The reason for this feature is article 20 of the GDPR. This talks about data portability. In other words, the ‘right to transfer data’. The new export function offers you the possibility to export your entire database, so that you have access to all the data and documents.

What sort of data does an export contain?

What sort of data does an export contain and what does such a file look like? An export from CRM Online will contain all data of your relations. For example, think of; activities, sales lines, relationship information, notifications, characteristics, campaign events, attachments and so on and so forth.

For each data set, CRM Online creates a separate information file that you can download. Columns that contain a unique key are included in each file, to help you establish the relationship between the different files.

How to make an export

Every organisation can make an export from CRM Online once per week. To be able to make an export you need the correct rights and you need to create a password that protects your export. You will need this password later to be able to open your file. It depends on the size of your database how long it takes to create an export. This can take a few minutes but also a few hours. We will notify you by e-mail and keep the export in our system for one week. This, too, has to do with the requirements set by the GDPR.

In the CRM Online log, you can then see who has made an export and when this has been done.

More information?

Would you like to learn more about the settings and procedures for making an export? Please contact us.