Datacentre Maintenance

The PerfectView CRM Online datacentre will undergo maintenance as of Wednesday July 18th until Sunday July 22nd. During this time we will upgrade the hardware of the CRM Online platform.

As a result CRM Online will have a reduced performance on Wednesday evening, Thursday evening and during the weekend. There will also be some time in which the environment is not available.

Reduced CRM Online performance

The adjustments can lead to reduced performance at the following times:

– Wednesday evening, July 18th, from 18:00 up to 23:00

– Thursday evening, July 19th, from 18:00 up to 23:00

– Friday evening, July 20th, from 18:00 up to Saturday evening, July 21st, up to 23:59

During this time CRM Online is prepared for the upgrade of the hardware, you will however still be able to work in CRM Online. We expect the performance to have a maximum reduction of 10%.

CRM Online not available

In addition to a reduced performance, the CRM Online environment will not be available at the following times:

– Wednesday, July 18th,  from 23:00 up to Thursday July 19th  01:00

– Thursday, July 19th, from 23:00 up to Friday July 20th  01:00

-Saturday evening, July 21st, from 23:59 up to Monday July 23rd 06:00