Improve your relevance with PerfectView

Target Group

Get more from your target audience

By assigning characteristics to your relationships, you can adjust an offer to your target audience. This creates the basis for a successful marketing campaign as you increase the relevance of your message. Do you want to select all customers in a specific region, all directors, or all visitors to your event? That’s possible! Your selections can be saved and shared with colleagues. Now you get the list you want with just one click.


Create professional campaigns

With the powerful campaign functionality of PerfectView, you can simply create call lists, send newsletters, or a combination of both. You no longer need any additional programmes. Make your selection and determine your strategy. Newsletters can easily be made and sent, in your own house-style. You can see the results of your campaigns in clear reports.

My Company Leads

More leads from your website

Easily attract more leads by connecting PerfectView to your website. Every registration through your website immediately becomes a lead in your CRM system, and you can start working on building a relationship. Structure all your registration forms in such a way that all the data which is important to you, is immediately stored and available in CRM. This is about as easy as it can get. As PerfectView makes it possible to create a unique form for every page on your website, you can see exactly where your leads are coming from.

Social Media Insight

Get Social Media insight

Integrate social media with PerfectView. Follow your relationships via Social Media and stay up to date with the subjects that matter to them. Follow your own brand name to find ideas, sales opportunities, and ambassadors for your organisation.