Increase your effectiveness with PerfectView

Ticketing Support

Automated ticketing system

PerfectView works for you. Tickets are automatically included in your database and can generate an initial answer. You can organise the whole process yourself, in your own style. This ensures that you are efficient and relevant without losing your personality. Besides that, your productivity will skyrocket.

Customer Happiness

From complaint to opportunity

Keep an eye on the process and see the customer behind your ticket. Your customer service is fully integrated with your CRM system. This means that you will always know the full story. Thanks to PerfectView, complaints will be turned into opportunities. Use the information you receive from CRM to handle the situation proactively. A positive experience will turn your customer into an ambassador.

Dashboard Customer Service

Focus on output

Automate your reports and focus on output. You will get a clear overview of your number of tickets, per employee, per team, per subject, and per product group. Detect possible issues by keeping a close eye on what is on the customer’s mind.


Work faster with VoIP integration

Give your staff in customer services, at the reception desk, or in the secretary’s office the tools to help your customers in the best possible way. VoIP integration allows you to see immediately who is calling, including the name of the organisation. It also allows you to process actions that follow from the phone call quickly in CRM. This will save a lot of time!