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Cookies are small (temporary) text files which are stored on your PC, tablet or smartphone when you visit our website. These cookies help us to provide insight in how you use and how we can improve it and make it more customer-friendly. In addition, we also use cookies for marketing purposes.

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Of course, we carefully handle the information which we collect for you. You can indicate yourself what we can track from you, by opting for the Standard or Personal cookie package.

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Of course, you can also disable all cookies. How to disable or remove cookies differs depending on the internet browser:

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Functional Cookies

Functional cookies are necessary to ensure that our website functions properly. For example, we remember whether you have closed your cookie notification or not. Without this cookie, it is not possible to close the notification permanently.

Analytical Cookies

The analytical cookies are used to acquire knowledge. This information is used to improve our site day-by-day. For example, we use Google Analytics to measure how you use and how you found us. We use this knowledge to improve our websites. Because we have anonymised this cookie, we do not store any personal information from you or your visit.

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We use these cookies for marketing purposes. We do this in order to keep advertisements of PerfectView relevant. These marketing cookies make it possible that we can keep track of whether you click on the advertisements and if you create an account after clicking on an advertisement.

We also save cookies that make it possible for us to see whether you have shared content from our website on social media.

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