Update PerfectView Company.info and e-Boekhouden

Last night we improved PerfectView CRM Online. Curious about the new functionalities? You can read more about it in this blog.

What can you expect from this PerfectView summer update?

We’ve started a collaboration with a new partner for our data (Chamber of Commerce) plugin. The information CRM Online retrieves from the Chamber of Commerce register is now provided by Company.info. This leader, in the field of corporate information in the Netherlands, offers a rich source for its data. Do you use the data plugin? Then interesting additional relationship information is available to you.

Additional, we’ve assigned an accounting partner to our portfolio: e-Boekhouden. Do you rely on e-Boekhouden for your accounting? Then working with CRM Online will become easier.

Company Info

If you use the Chamber of Commerce plugin in PerfectView, things do not change at first sight. You can still retrieve company data as you have been used to. The difference is in the details. The data you will collect is more extensive than before. You will now, for example, will also see information about field of business. In addition, we have added a few other fields such as organization size (the number of employees). Clear advantages when entering a new relationship via the Kvk plugin.

Chamber of Commerce updates

But there is more good news. We will, as per now, send you updates. That means that if something changes in the details of your relationship in the Chamber of Commerce register, you will be actively are informed. Think of relocations, new contact details, but also bankruptcies.

You will receive a notification of the change in CRM Online which you only need to approve. The notifications can be found via the Company.info icon on the right side of your screen in CRM Online.

The extra options of a Company.info account

As said, we are working with the market leader in the field of company information. The data available in PerfectView is only a part of the data that Company.info possesses. Information such as business news, organizational structure, financial key figures, Chamber of Commerce documents and management information. From PerfectView you can get direct access to this data via the Company.info logo in your contact card. Conditions are that you are a customer of Company.info.


This accounting specialist has the mission to make accounting easy. An integration with CRM optimally supports that core value. When you work with this accounting package, the following functionalities are available to you:

  • Relationships from PerfectView CRM Online become relationships in E-Boekhouden.
  • Relationships from E-Boekhouden become relationships in PerfectView CRM Online.
  • When you change a relationship in one of the two systems, this is adjusted in the other system, and vice versa.
  • Offers from PerfectView can be converted to an invoice after approval.
  • You can include invoices in PerfectView as a post in E-Boekhouden.
  • Is the invoice processed as paid in E-Boekhouden? Then it will also be marked as such in PerfectView.

Activate the link

Activating the link is done via the logo of e-Boekhouden on the right side of your screen in CRM Online. If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to help you. In that case, contact us.

Product information via our blog

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