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What is Cloud computing?

Increase your productivity, not your costs, with CRM based on Cloud computing (also known as SaaS or Software as a Service).

Advantages of Cloud computing

You make use of our CRM solution via the Internet for which you pay a fixed (low) price per user, per year. PerfectView takes care of the required installation, and the necessary maintenance and support. No need for expensive licenses and additional implementation costs. Everyone with a computer, Internet connection and basic knowledge of the solution and Windows can immediately start using it and book results.

Advantages of CRM based on Cloud computing

  • Low monthly fees, but with full functionality;
  • Secure access to your environment from anywhere in the world, 24/7;
  • Infinitely scaleable without risks;
  • No investments in hardware or software;
  • No maintenance costs.

Cloud computing and PerfectView CRM Online

PerfectView CRM Online is Cloud computing and as such is a powerful implementation of The New Workplace. In addition, PerfectView also connects with the Cloud software of Microsoft and Google.

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Experience the power of PerfectView CRM Online yourself, and request a free account. You will receive your own account with which you can immediately start using Relationship Management, Sales & Customer Service.

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