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Features PerfectView CRM Online

Are you looking for a powerful Windows- or Mac-solution to support your Relationship Management, Marketing & Sales, and Customer Support that you can use immediately without additional implementation. Then you are in need of PerfectView CRM Online: combining the powerful CRM software of a large developer of CRM software with the advantages of your own online environment.

Relationship Management

  • Relations and relationship network
  • Addressing per customer
  • Documents & Client meeting reports
  • Correspondence & Mail registration


  • Customer data sharing
  • Customer segmentation
  • Customer value management
  • Single customer view

(E-mail) Marketing

  • Characteristics & Selections
  • Audience segmentation
  • Target approach
  • Newsletters / Mailings
  • Campaign follow-up


  • Follow leads
  • Suspects, Prospects and Customers
  • Sales processes and forecast
  • Quotation registration


  • Generate invoices
  • Generate reminders
  • Monitor whether or not paid

Customer service

  • Support requests
  • Complaints
  • Webcare

Social Media Integration

  • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, weblog
  • Features Twitter (search and more)
  • Follow up


  • Workflow
  • Task management & Projects
  • Queues
  • E-mail notifications

User features (D I Y)

  • Create (users, templates and more)
  • Set (rights, favorites and more)
  • Adjust (selection lists and more)


  • Individuals and organizations
  • Activities, as opportunity
  • Campaigns (e-mail marketing)

Search features

  • Individuals and organizations
  • Inside views

Web Forms

  • Gather information from online visitors
  • Take action on completed web forms


  • Calendar link |  Matrix »
  • E-mail, docs and persons  | Matrix »
  • Standard in / with PerfectView
  • Custom

Mobile App

  • iPhone / iPad
  • Android devices


  • Individuals
  • Organizations
  • Activities


PerfectView has an edition from € 10, - per user per month (everyone has all functionalities). There are no extra fees for modules or links, and no restrictions on numbers of contacts or mailings. All users also benefit from updates with new features.

Free support

PerfectView provides support through various channels. It’s up to you to decide how you would like to be supported! You can use the starter’s instructions, manual and training videos to find an answer to your question, or you may contact our free Support Desk where our professionals are happy to assist you via email or phone. You can send us your question via the headset icon in PerfectView CRM Online.

The characteristics of PerfectView

  • For small, medium sized and large organizations 
  • Affordable and user friendly
  • Since 1984, the most widely used CRM system in the Netherlands with 55,000 users

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