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The PerfectView DNA : vision

Thank you for your interest in PerfectView.

It is more important than ever to manage relationships. PerfectView develops relationship management software (PerfectView CRM) with which organizations can obtain measurable better results. We are constantly improving our products and services by taking user experiences and feedback back into our development cycle. Making it better every day.

When the use of our customer relationship software provides a sustainable contribution to the success of an organization, we have achieved our objective. That’s what we are all about, that is our passion.

Read more about our vision that forms the foundation of our products and service: the PerfectView DNA.

Wilfred Jacobs | CEO PerfectView B.V. | 

Excellent support

CRM is only successful if everyone in the organization is actively involved. This is why we provide full and continuing support to all users without the restrictions of paid or limited support contracts. We devote time to each and every user. When our clients are successful, we are successful. Read more about how we do this in “PerfectView Cloud Support

The IKEA model

We do not wish to push solutions onto our customers that they do not need. This plays an important role in our development process. This is why we enable you to test, implement and manage PerfectView yourself. Obviously we are ready to support you when you do need our assistance, e.g. when importing data or for training purposes. We call this the ‘IKEA model’. This is how we keep your investment and user fees for PerfectView to a minimum.

The New Workplace

The New Workplace substantially and structurally changes the way we work. The New Workplace means working smarter and more efficiently, independent of time and place through the use of internet. All our services and products are tested for contributing to The New Workplace. This is how we also work at PerfectView.

One simple, low price

We value one simple, low price per user. We are emphatically against using a pricing model with an increase in prices for additional functionalities or modules. We realize that organizations cannot be expected to determine at the start whether they need to upgrade to a more expensive solution later on, resulting in unexpected and unwanted additional costs.

Cloud computing

With Cloud computing you make use of our CRM solution via the Internet for which you pay a fixed (low) price per user per year. PerfectView takes care of the required installation, and the necessary maintenance and support. No need for expensive licenses and additional implementation costs. Everyone with a computer, Internet connection and basic knowledge of the solution and Windows can immediately start using it and book results. PerfectView focuses completely on the development of its Cloud computing software so users can focus entirely on putting the application to good use.

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