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Cloud support PerfectView CRM Online

PerfectView is the largest independent developer of CRM software in the Netherlands and completely geared to supporting organizations in the successful implementation of CRM. In addition to product development and innovation, support / service is our most important point of focus. It is something that we are continuously working on perfecting.

Support according to PerfectView is :

  • Completely free
  • Available in English and Dutch
  • For every user
  • Provided on all topics
  • Accessible by clicking once on the headset icon in the application
  • Via email or phone dependent on your preference 
  • We strive for follow-up within 1 hour of the initial request 

Why ?

  • CRM is only successful if everyone in the organization is actively involved. This is why we provide full and continuing support to all users without the restrictions of paid or limited support contracts. We devote time to each and every user.
  • We like being in contact with our users; this is how we gain better insights into user requirements and into what our clients need to be more successful.
  • We ourselves also do not like help desks that are unreachable, automatic phone systems, helpdesks that do not return calls and being kept on hold.
  • Other so-called ‘free’ CRM software available from other vendors require you to pay for limited support/service which is often more expensive than the software itself. We find this an unreasonable/ illogical practice, which does not contribute to the successful implementation of CRM in your organization.
  • Since the arrival of The New Workplace and Cloud Computing, direct support per user is more important than ever. PerfectView is completely geared to this.

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Interested in putting PerfectView to the test ?

Request a free account and click on the headset icon in PerfectView CRM Online if you need our support !